Die Casting Machine


V4N Series

The advanced series include all features of the V3C series. Besides, it features an integrated injection circuit and two sets of independent accumulators. It provides customers with a more efficient production line and shorter cycle time. Thus it can improve productivity and reduce production cost.

Integrated Injection Circuit

The specially-designed manifold minimizes hysteresis of hydraulic response and boosts injection response. Additionally, the integrated injection circuit is easy to maintain and therefore saves more time for maintenance.

Two Sets of Independent Accumulators

Injection circuit unit utilizes two sets of independent accumulators. It provides pressures for first-phase injection, second-phase injection, and intensified injection function. More stable intensified pressure can be offered by an independent intensifying accumulator.

Comprehensive Control Functions

  • First-phase Injection Speed: Manual / Auto Speed Adjustment
  • Second-phase Injection Speed: Manual / Auto Speed Adjustment
  • Intensifying Pressure Buildup Time: Manual / Auto Speed Adjustment
  • Main Accumulator Pressure Detection: Setting / Safety Device
  • Intensifying Accumulator Pressure Detection: Setting / Safety Device
  • Pressure Relief Valve for Safety
  • Digital Position Feedback: Injection Speed Detect & Display
Manual Adjustment (Standard)
Automatic Adjustment (Optional)

Choices for Injection Adjustment

  • Manual Adjustment (Standard)
  • Automatic Adjustment (Optional)

Achieving Accurate Injection

Injection unit allows adjustments of various parameters, such as pressure buildup for first-phase, second-phase, intensified pressure value, and injection pressure value. etc. Sensors in each part of our machine return values of injection speed and pressure to controller. Then the controller compares the difference between the actual injection value and the setting value to do fine-tuning. In addition, operator can understand injection situations through curve shown on the display.

E.I.V. Electric Injection Valve (Optional)

  • Injection speeds for first-phase injection, second-phase injection and intensifying injection are controlled by three E.I.V. valves respectively, which feature automatic corrections and memory functions.
  • Injection positioning is controlled by transducer to ensure a highly accurate position.